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A Dandy sleep apnea appliance is a type of dental device used to treat snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. It is also known as a mandibular advancement device or mandibular repositioning device. Dandy appliances are custom-made to fit your mouth and are designed to be as comfortable and unobtrusive as possible.

Seating the Device

Seating a sleep apnea device in the mouth can be done using the following steps:

  1. Before inserting your sleep apnea device, brush and floss the teeth and rinse your mouth with water to ensure good oral hygiene and to prevent any food particles from getting trapped under the device.
  2. The device is designed to fit over the upper and lower teeth and is held in place by adjustable metal connectors. You may engage the device by adjusting the lugs or using the Herbst® mechanism, a rod and tube assembly that orients the jaws in a predetermined relationship. Place the upper piece of the appliance in your mouth and bite down gently to position it properly.
  3. The Herbst® mechanism is a one-piece construction held together by two adjustment mechanisms on the buccal or outer area of the upper and lower appliances. The adjustment mechanisms are designed for the doctor to advance the mandible to the desired position incrementally. 
  4. The Dorsal mechanism is a two-piece design with separate upper and lower acrylic portions that, when engaged, propel the mandible into a protrusive position via acrylic fins built in the lower acrylic portion. The Dorsal is an adjustable design utilizing advancement; once the upper piece is in place, insert the lower piece of the device, and the dentist will adjust the metal connectors to hold the lower jaw in a slightly advanced position. This may require some trial and error to find the most comfortable and effective position.
  5. Breathe through your nose and ensure that the appliance is properly seated and comfortable. It may take some time to adjust to the feeling of the appliance in your mouth, but most patients find that they can sleep comfortably with it in place.
  6. Be sure to wear the device as the dentist directs, which may include specific instructions on how long to wear it each day and when to remove it.

Cleaning and Care


Dandy recommends cleaning your sleep apnea device daily before and after every use. Immediately after removal, use warm water (not to exceed 45°C/113°F) or soft antibacterial dish soap to remove remaining saliva and debris from the device.


For periodic debris removal and maintenance, you may use any mild over-the-counter cleaning agents designed for oral devices. Use a soft bristle brush to clean the inside of your partial dentures to remove any debris. The following products may be used to clean your sleep apnea device: dish soap, Polident tablets, Efferdent tablets, a 3% peroxide solution, a 15% bleach solution, and mouthwash.


DO NOT SOAK your sleep apnea device in liquid for over 1 hour.

DO NOT SOAK the device in water hotter than 45°C/113°F due to the risk of warping the device.

DO NOT use abrasive cleaning agents (i.e., toothpaste), as they can shorten the life of your device.

DO dispose of the cleaning solution after every use. Rinse your device well before use.

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