How to Revert to Trios Scanning Software on your Dandy Laptop

At Dandy, we are committed to creating the absolute best scanning experience in Chairside. This means that new features and product improvements are released and exclusively available in Chairside. 


Why Chairside?

Dandy Chairside is custom-built and designed to create a fully integrated scanning and ordering experience. Chairside users get access to new features and ongoing product improvements that are not available in Trios, such as:

  • Simplified case workflows with fewer steps
  • Guided scanning with step-by-step instructions, recommendations, and best practices
  • Centralized case setup, scanning, and ordering 
  • New lab products, including sleep apnea appliances and surgical guides
  • Instant access to lab delivery dates after submitting an order


How to re-install Trios

Doctors who prefer to leverage Trios for case setup are free to do so, while still enjoying several of the benefits of Dandy’s integrated portal and digital restorations. 

Contact Dandy Support and an IT agent will re-install Trios to your Dandy-provided laptop.

  • Phone Number: 267-310-3332
  • Email: 
  • Chat directly from your Dandy Portal
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