How to Submit a Refabrication in the Portal

This article provides instructions on how to submit a refabriaction request via the Portal for cases with issues related to aesthetic, fit, or other reasons.

Note: You can also submit a refabrication request via Chairside while the patient is in chair. Learn more about this workflow in our article, Starting a Case for an Existing Patient with a Recent Case.

Step-by-Step Process

Step 1 - Locate and Select Case

  • Identify which item(s) you would like to refabricate

Step 2 - Select Your Refabrication Reason

  • Select the reason(s) for the refabrication.

Step 3 - Review the Rx

  • Make changes to the Rx if needed.

  • Upload files and provide other detailed instructions.

Step 4 - Rescan the patient or select 'submit refabrication without scan'

  • You will automatically be redirected to rescan the patient, if you wish to continue without rescanning select 'submit refabrication without scan'

Step 5 - Review the Design Preview and Submit Case

  • Review the original design preview and click 'Markup this design preview' to let us know exactly how to improve the original case design during fabrication.

Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 1.40.30 PM.png

  • Once you have finished reviewing and providing details for your refabrication, click 'Submit Refabrication Order'

Using the Dandy Portal enables you to efficiently handle refabrication requests, ensuring timely and accurate adjustments to your dental cases enhancing patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.

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