How to Adjust a Partial Denture

In this article we have outlined some best practices for adjusting partial dentures based on their material type

Metal / Acrylic / Flexible 

    • Use pliers to adjust the clasp at the terminal third (last 1⁄3 of the clasp).
    • Bend the clasp outwards for more relief.
    • Gently bend the clasp inward for retention and outward for relief.
    • Use bur at high speed with low  pressure to: 
      • Provide relief on guide planes and intaglio 
      • Trim down flange


  • Soak the partial in hot water for 2-3 minutes.
  • Once the partial is heated, it will become more flexible. Hold the clasps in the ideal position for   1-2 mins as it cools.
  • Use bur with low pressure to adjust the remaining tight areas.

Denture Teeth

A bur is best used for occlusal adjustment. A rubber wheel is best used for facial adjustment/polishing

  • If teeth are too long:
    • Using bite paper, adjust the pontic teeth that are hitting high
    • Use bur at high speed with low pressure to shave down teeth to the proper length 
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