Partial Denture Try-in & Return Guide

A Try In is a "trial" of the partial denture before it is finalized.

  • Flexible / Acrylic Partials - this is a wax version of the partial without clasps.

  • Metal Partials - this is the framework itself and may or may not include teeth set in wax.

A Try-In can sometimes include a Wax Rim (aka Bite Rim) which is for edentulous areas that's customized to the gums of a patient and mimics the missing teeth. It is used by Drs to confirm the bite (make adjustments directly on the wax). This can be sent with the try-in or in lieu of the try-in.


Chairside Partial Denture Try-in Guide

In the checkout flow for your patient's denture, you will have the choice to fabricate your partial denture “straight-to-finish” or you may proceed with a "Try-in". 




If you choose “Try-in”, you will see instructions on how to proceed once the try-in arrives. We will also send you an email with these instructions for next steps.



  1. Evaluate the try-in’s fit, aesthetics, and phonetics.
  2. On the order page, look for the “Review Try-in” banner to proceed with next steps.
  3. Ship the try-in back to us
  4. Simply schedule the next appointment and we’ll handle the rest. 

You will then proceed with the rest of your order and wait for the try-in to arrive.  Dandy will now deliver the try-in to your practice.


Try-in Appointment


Review the try-in with your patient for fit and aesthetics. We recommend bringing up the order page in Chairside while the patient is in the chair.


You will see a banner on the order that will guide you through next steps. (see below)




If everything looks good, you can let your patient go and proceed with clicking the “Try-in is perfect - Proceed with final fabrication” button. 


You will then be prompted with a screen that walks you through shipping the partial back to Dandy for the final production steps! (Skip to the Ship your try in back to Dandy section below)


If changes are necessary, proceed by clicking the “Try-in is unsatisfactory. Request changes” button.


Providing Feedback

You will now provide your feedback to Dandy in a guided, step-by-step process. Below are the categories of feedback available for each arch:


  • Teeth length
    • Make longer (1mm increments)
    • Make shorter (1mm increments)
  • Teeth shape
    • Add reference photo
  • Teeth spacing
    • Add reference photo
  • Midline
    • Shift right (1mm increments)
    • Shift left (1mm increments)
    • Upload reference photo
  • Material
    • Change material
  • Teeth shade
    • Change shade
  • Retention and/or fit
    • Adjust retention (tighten vs loosen)
    • Adjust rests
  • Clasps placement
  • Bite
  • Other


As always, you will also have the opportunity to provide open-ended feedback however you see it. 


Decide next steps


Next, you will decide on how you would prefer to proceed with the case. You have two options:

  1. Proceed to final fabrication - You’ll receive the final partial denture with all requested changes.
  2. Request a new try-in - You’ll receive a new try-in with all requested changes.


Ship your try-in back to Dandy

In order to continue your case with Dandy, the partial try-in must be returned. On the next screen, you will be guided through this process and be able to print out a return label.


  1. Prepare the partial - Place the partial denture on its model. For added protection, slip each arch separately into bubble sleeves.
  2. Pack your box (see attached example below) - Place the foam in the box base, then add the bubble-wrapped partial. Top with foam to secure during transit. Don’t forget the order form.
  3. Seal your box and attach a return label- Assemble the mailer, seal the box tightly with tape to prevent unexpected openings, and tape the printed shipping slip to its exterior.
  4. Drop-off -  Take your sealed box to the nearest carrier drop-off location. Ensure you receive a receipt or tracking number for your shipment. 


Review & submit

Finally, you will review your feedback and proceed with submitting to our team. 



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