Dorsal Guide

Identifying the parts of your new Dandy Dorsal 

The Dorsal has evolved into one of the most popular choices for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. The two piece construction is designed for ultimate patient comfort. This guide will help you identify the different parts of your new Dandy Dorsal Device. 

How to make an adjustment

Hold upper device with calibration screw facing toward you. 

Forward Adjustment 

Fit your calibration tool into the keyhole and rotate 90ᵒ in the direction of the arrow on device. 

Backward Adjustment 

Fit your calibration tool into the keyhole and rotate 90ᵒ in the direction of the arrow on device. 

Inserting the Upper Device 

Place the upper device in your mouth, as indicated in Fig. 1.

Press up on the device with both thumbs to ensure that it fits securely and comfortably.

Inserting the Lower Device 

Place the lower device in your mouth.

Press down on both sides of the device using your index fingers to ensure it fits comfortably. 

Engaging the Wings 

Once the upper and lower devices are securely in position, bring your lower jaw slightly forward to allow the ‘wings ‘ to engage. Slowly close your mouth until your lips lightly touch each other (may not always create lip seals). 


Always remove the lower device first, as indicated in Fig. 2. Using your thumbs on both sides, gently pull the lower device in an upwards motion to remove.

Using both your index fingers and thumbs, gently pull the upper device down and forwards to remove. 


Use lip balm during the first few nights of wearing your Dorsal to help keep lips moist.


Always clean your device in the morning immediately after having removed it from your mouth.

Use a soft toothbrush. 

  1. Never use hot water, hot water damages your device and will invalidate the warranty.
  2. Never soak your device in cleaner as it can cause delamination.
  3. After having removed the device from the storage case, thoroughly brush it with a toothbrush and rinse it under cool running water.
  4. Dry all parts of the device and storage case carefully and thoroughly using a clean towel.
  5. When not in use, the device should be stored in your storage case. 

Please note 

To reduce the possibility of discoloration, do not drink coffee, tea or cola with the device in place. Always brush teeth thoroughly before use. 

Possible Side Effects 

You may experience some temporary side effects, such as sore jaw joints, increased salivation, dry mouth, sore teeth, irritation of the soft tissues in the mouth and/or a slight change in your bite. These possible side effects should diminish within an hour of removing the device. If any of these side effects continue, contact your dentist immediately.

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