Sleep Apnea Appliances

Obstructive sleep apnea is a very common and potentially life-threatening medical disorder that prevents airflow during sleep. Many patients with mild-to-moderate OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) are seeking alternatives to CPAP devices. Dandy helps practices take advantage of this fast growing segment in the dental industry.

Better sleep starts with quality.

We utilize digital workflows combined with industry-leading materials to produce highly accurate and
efficacious sleep apnea devices. Dandy’s experienced sleep apnea design team ensures even the most challenging and complex cases fit perfectly, all while using the latest milling technology.

Herbst Appliance Dorsal Appliance

Upper and lower arches are connected via a metal hinge that protrudes the mandible forward.

√ Covered by Medicare
√ Allows for lateral and vertical movement

√ Easily adjustable

Dorsal Appliance

Upper and lower arches are separate; Control of the lower jaw position is achieved by the adjustable ramps on the upper tray.

√ Allow for most normal mouth movement
√ Two part design with no metal hinge for comfort

Medical billing, simplified.

We provide your practice with the education, enablement, and clinical support necessary to confidently treat sleep apnea. All Dandy sleep apnea customers receive an exclusive discount with our medical billing partner, Nierman Practice Management. We simplify the process so you can focus on what you do best.

Grow your practice.

Sleep apnea provides an opportunity to significantly increase practice revenue and profitability. Practices receive medical billing reimbursements while requiring minimal chair time.


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