3Shape Implant Case Setup

3Shape case setup & scanning steps

Implant 3Shape case setup

If a scan body will not seat properly due to interference from adjacent dentition or another scan
body, follow these steps:

  1. Select the tooth
  2. Select Anatomy > Crown and specify the material and shade preference
  3. After Crown, select Abutment for indication regardless of abutment type (if you want screw-retained, cement, etc., specify in the lab slip when you submit the order)
  4. Make sure to select “Not in group” in the last field

Implant TRIOS scanning steps

Follow the below steps in the 3Shape software to successfully scan an implant case:

  1. Scan opposing arch
  2. Remove healing abutment and scan prep arch
    1. Be sure to get a clear scan of the emergence profile
    2. Mark the emergence profile by single clicking in the center of the site
  3. Click “Next”
  4. Seat the scan body & take verification x-ray
  5. Scan prep area with seated scan body
    1. Scan areas trimmed by software (directly around implant site)

Implant Case Setup PDF

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