Chairside Fully Edentulous CBCT Workflow

The following workflow is for capturing a CBCT on an endentulous patient.

Already completed your scans? Follow the instruction here to export and upload your CBCT

Potential use cases for this workflow include:

Best Practices 

1 Confirm the denture fits the patient. 

  • In cases of poor retention, reline the denture with PVS material prior to scanning. Only use enough PVS materials to fill gaps with minimal overflow. 

2 Instruct patients to breathe through their nose, close their eyes, and place their tongue at the back of the mouth. 

3 Review the scan carefully to ensure there is no “Black Air Space” between the denture and the patient's soft tissue.

  • Use a bite registration (or cotton rolls) for separation, secure fit,  and to eliminate rocking.


1 Place 6 x-ray markers (2 mm in diameter) around the surface of a dry, relined, well-fitting denture with no metal substructure. Metal will render the scan unusable. We recommend opaque markers such as Suremark VF-20 Stickers

  • 3 markers on the facial/buccal surface 
  • 3 markers on the palatal surface

2 Place the markers on varying axial planes. 

  • For example, if a marker is placed on the buccal area of #28-29, then place the next marker on the lingual area of #26-27, and the next marker on the facial area of #24-25. 

3 DO NOT place markers on the intaglio surface. 

Placement Visualizations

First Scan 

Capture a 360° Trios scan of the denture with X-ray markers in place.

  • Begin scanning on the occlusal, sweep across the arch capturing the entire outer (cameo) surface.
  • Roll over to the tissue side of the denture, capturing the entire intaglio surface and borders of the denture.
  • Evaluate 360° scan for gaps or voids along the border indicating possible stitching error.

Note: If the patient is going to an outside clinic for their CBCT and they do not have a Trios, a Denture scan can be done in a CBCT scanner with the radiation levels turned low enough to capture acrylic.

Second Scan

Capture CBCT of the patient wearing dentures with x-ray markers still in place.

  • Reline the denture or do a light body wash to create a well-adapted fit that will be copied for the surgical guide
  • Have the patient bite on cotton rolls or bite registration in the posterior to ensure no air gap exists between the denture and tissue
  • Capture the entire working arch
  • CBCT General Settings: 6cm-8cm, 0.3-0.4 Voxel

Export and Upload CBCT Scans

Once your scans are complete follow the instructions to Export and upload CBCT scans

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