TMJ One Pager

TMD/TMJ Appliances 

An estimated 5-12% of the population has a temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder. Dandy offers high quality TMJ appliances that treat patients effectively and are easy to integrate into current practice workflows. 

Offer quality TMJ appliances 

Dandy utilizes digital workflows combined with industry-leading materials to produce precise, high functioning appliances to treat TMD. 

Treat a wider patient population and grow your practice 

Treating TMD/TMJ in-house can increase practice profitability and growth. Minimal chair time is required from scan to the final seating while adding a healthy revenue stream to your practice. 


Small unobtrusive device on the anteriors that avoids occlusion of the posterior teeth to inhibit bruxism and relieve stress. 


7 day turnaround 

Dawson B-splint 

Device that covers both arches and avoids occlusion of the posteriors to inhibit bruxism and relieve stress while allowing horizontal movement. 


6 day turnaround 

Anterior Deprogrammer 

Device that covers the entire arch and discludes the posteriors via an anterior ramp to retrain jaw muscles and prevent bruxing. 


6 day turnaround 

Gelb Appliance 

Device that sits on the posteriors and repositions to mandible to control the positioning of the jaw and avoid excess force. 


6 day turnaround


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