Wellness Scans

This article and video review how to access the Wellness Scan feature. Wellness Scans allow you to scan your patients without sending an order to Dandy. These scans are most commonly used for patient education purposes and can enhance treatment plan acceptance.

Video Tutorial

Instructions for use:

  1. Under the "Case Setup" menu, select "Wellness Scan"
  2. Select the arch or arches you wish to scan for this patient, and select Add to Order.
  3. Select Start scanning to proceed to the scanning menus.
  4. Follow the scan sequence displayed based on the arch or arches you chose to scan in step #2.
  5. Use the "Review Scans" menu to review the captured images.
    • Use the Upper and Lower buttons to view single arches.
    • Use the SingleSide by Side, and Complete buttons for alternative views of the scans.
  6. Select Save Scans and Exit to save your scans for future use, or select Order to proceed with order placement.
    • Saved scans can be accessed under the Patients tab on your Chairside home page.
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