Utilizing Wellness Scans for Enhanced Patient Education

Wellness scans offer a unique opportunity to engage and educate patients without the necessity of sending an order to Dandy. This feature is invaluable for improving patients' understanding of their dental health and boosting acceptance of treatment plans. This guide and video will walk you through step-by-step how to complete a wellness scan in Chairside.

Video Tutorial

Step 1 - Starting a Wellness Scan

  1. Case Setup: Select the wellness scan icon during your case setup. This tool allows for you to scan for a comprehensive examination without sending an order to Dandy.
  2. Arch Selection: Determine which arches require scanning. For illustrative purposes, we'll opt for dual arch scanning in this guide.
  3. Adding to Order: After selection, click "Add to Order," then "Start Scanning" to proceed with the scan process.

Step 2 - Complete Your Scans

  • Sequence: Adhering to the prescribed scan sequence ensures a thorough overview of the patient's oral structure:
    • Start with the lower arch
    • Proceed to the upper arch
    • Conclude with two bite scans.
  • Review: Post-scanning, navigate to the review scan menu. This crucial step allows for an all-encompassing review of the scans, presented in various formats for optimal patient visualization.

Step 3 - Reviewing Scans with the Patient

You can begin discussing dental health directly with patients in the review scan menu. Here, scans can be explored in detail, providing a visual foundation for any proposed treatments or educational discussions.

Post-Scan Options

  • Saving Scans: Opting for "Save Scans and Exit" will securely store the wellness scans for future reference, ensuring they're readily accessible for patient follow-ups or educational purposes.
    • Saved scans are under the 'Patients" tab on the Chairside home page.
  • Order Placement: Should treatment be necessary, "Order" transitions you to the next steps for selecting specific treatment options based on the scanned data.
    • Options include a digital wax-up, a model, a night guard, or a retainer. 


Wellness scans are a powerful tool in the dental practice's arsenal, offering a non-invasive method to educate and engage patients. By incorporating these scans into patient consultations, dental professionals can enhance communication, understanding, and acceptance of proposed treatment plans.

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