How to Perform Manual Alignment of Bite Scans

This article reviews how to perform Manual Alignment. When performing a bite scan, be sure that you are allowing the scanner to see all molars in occlusion when scanning, including 2nd molars.

Instructions for Use

On the 'Bite Scan' menu, if the occlusion is not automatically aligning, proceed with the following steps.

Step 1 - Navigate to the lower left corner of your screen

Select Align Manually

Step 2 - Rotate the arch within the left window so that the buccal surface of the patient's dentition is visible

When changing the orientation of the scan in the left window, match the quadrant view visible in the right-hand box.

Step 3 - In the window on the left, click on the buccal surface of a posterior tooth to place the first marker

We recommend selecting the first molar along the gumline. 

Step 4 - In the window on the right, click on the same tooth in the same spot (the buccal surface along the gumline)

The system will align the arch to the bite accordingly.

Step 5 - Proceed with the other scans in the lower lefthand corner

(i.e. First UpperSecond Lower, and Second Upper).

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