Chairside TMD Appliance Workflow

The following workflow applies to patients receiving a TMD appliance

The outline below is a step-by-step appointment guide for our night guard workflow. Please be sure to review our TMD Appliance Scanning Best Practices article before proceeding. 

Case Setup

Choose the "Splints, Guards & TMJ" option when you go to set up your case.

  • Within "Splints, Guards & TMJ" select "TMJ."
  • Select the desired type of device.
  • You will then be prompted to select the arch for which the device will be made (depending on your selected device type).

Patient Scanning

Follow the scanning sequence: Lower Arch > Upper Arch > Bite > Submit order.

Placing Your Order

Proceed to the "Ordering" menu.

  • Select any necessary specifics related to material, thickness, color, quantity, etc., for this device.
  • Place your order.
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