Clear Aligner Case Step-by-Step Appointment Guide

This article includes a step-by-step appointment guide for scanning for clear aligners. 

Clear Aligner Case Workflow

The following workflow is applicable for patients receiving clear aligners.

Clear Aligners Workflow Details

√ Choose the "Ortho" option when you go to set up your case.

  • Within "Ortho," select "Aligners."

√ You will then be prompted to select the arch/arches you intend to treat.

√ Follow the scanning sequence: Lower Arch > Upper Arch > Bite > Patient Photos & X-ray > Submit Order

  • Capturing the arch scans accurately and completely is essential for fabrication of accurately fitting aligners.
  • Be sure that the bite scan reflects the patient's natural bite.
  • Photos and X-ray should be captured prior to placing your order.

√ Proceed to the "Ordering" menu.

√ Follow the prompts on the screen to upload the required photos and x-rays using either your smartphone or laptop: 


  • Left bite
  • Right bite
  • Front bite (head-on)
  • Lower occlusal (occlusal view of entire lower arch)
  • Upper occlusal (occlusal view of entire upper arch)
  • Portrait (patient smiling)
  • Portrait (patient not smiling, straight-faced)
  • Side View (profile of patient, straight-faced)

X-RAYS (only one of the listed options):

  • Pano (Preferred)
  • FMX
  • Lateral Ceph

√ Specify which arch you are treating and whether you are treating the full arch or anteriors only.

√ Select whether you wish to restrict the movement of any teeth.

√ Select whether you wish to restrict the placement of attachments.

√ Select whether you are performing any extractions.

√ Select how you wish to treat any spacing present.

√ Select how you wish to resolve any crowding present (expansion, proclination, IPR).

√ Select how you wish to treat the bite.

√ Allow Dandy to generate an estimated treatment plan.

  • Finalized treatment plan will be sent to you within 4 business days.

√ Place your order.

Additional best practices:

  • The distal surface of the posterior-most teeth in both arches is a key area to capture. Have the patient close half-way to create space for your scanner.
  • Please scan both full arches to completion.
  • Turn off any overhead dental lighting and loupes lights while scanning.

• • •

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