Retainer Case Step-by-Step Appointment Guide

This article includes a step-by-step appointment guide for scanning for a retainer. 

Retainer Case Workflow

The following workflow is applicable for patients receiving a retainer.

Retainer Workflow Details

√ Choose the "Ortho" option when you go to set up your case.

  • Within "Ortho" select "Retainer".

√ You will then be prompted to select the arch or arches for which the retainer(s) will be made.

√ Follow the scanning sequence: Lower Arch > Upper Arch > Bite > Submit order

TIP: Be sure to capture every aspect of the arch(es) receiving the retainer(s). An accurate scan allows us to fabricate accurate retainers. It is crucial that the distal surfaces of the posterior-most teeth are completely captured.

√ Proceed to the "Ordering" menu.

√ Select the material/type of the retainer.

  • You will specify whether this retainer is an Essix, Hawley, or Lingual Fixed Retainer on this menu.

√ Place your order.

Additional best practices:

  1. Please scan both full arches to completion.
  2. Turn off any overhead dental lighting and loupes lights while scanning.
  3. Retraction of cheeks, lips, and tongue is essential.
  4. Always turn on your scanner over the occlusal surface of a molar/premolar when beginning a scan.

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