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This article contains an overview and video instructions for using the Zoom Tool. This tool is used to enhance the details of a specific area or site in the mouth. It should only be used after an initial scan of the arch is completed. Retraction of cheeks, lips, and tongue and angulation of the scanner are especially important when using this tool.

Video Tutorial:

Instructions for use:

  1. Complete your scan of the arch. The Zoom Tool is a second-pass on already existing scan data.
  2. Select the Zoom button in the lower lefthand corner.
  3. Turn on the scanner and scan the tooth/teeth you wish to revisit in more detail.
    • Tip: retraction of soft tissue and scanner angulation are especially important with this tool.
  4. Turn the scanner off when finished scanning with the Zoom Tool.
  5. To deactivate the Zoom Tool, select the Zoom button once more.


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