Undercut Detection Tool in Chairside

The following contains an overview and video instructions for using the Insertion Tool for undercut detection. The Insertion Tool allows Chairside to identify undercuts in your crown prep after you define a path-of-insertion for your future crown.

Video Tutorial

Instructions for Use

Step 1 - Navigate to the Review Scan menu after completing all required scans

Step 2 - Select the Insertion button

Step 3 - Rotate the scan to an occlusal view of the crown prep

The scan should be oriented as close to the anticipated path-of-insertion for the future crown

Step 4 - Once in its proper orientation, select the Set Direction button

Step 5 - Rotate the scan to evaluate undercuts present on your prep

The long arrow represents the path-of-insertion you set.

Undercuts will be displayed as blue patches based on the path-of-insertion that you set in steps 3 and 4.

To Exit the tool, click the Insertion button again.

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