Margin Tracing Tool

This article contains an overview and video instructions for using the Margin Tracing Tool. The Margin Tracing Tool allows you to trace the margin of a crown-prepped tooth. The tool is completely optional for submitting scans, but is especially useful when your margin is deeply subgingival and/or you are struggling to control the bleeding and fully retract the gingiva for a clear scan.

Video Tutorial 

Instructions for Use

  1. Navigate to the Review Scan menu after completing all required scans.
  2. Select the Margin button.
  3. Left-click and hold in the surrounding gray space to rotate and re-orient the scan for better visualization of the margin and prep. Do not click on the scan itself when attempting to rotate.
  4. Click your mouse with the cursor positioned at any point you wish to begin your margin trace. This establishes your first tracing point.
  5. Continue click along the margin, following the prep's circumference.
  6. Ensure the final tracing point connects to the first tracing point, closing the loop around the margin.
  7. If needed, adjust the shape of the traced margin. Click and hold any of the tracing points, dragging them to set them into a new position. This will adjust the overall shape of your trace.
  8. When finished, select the Margin button again.
  9. To re-access the margin trace, re-select the Margin button.

Additional Features

  • The Reset button resets your entire trace, starting the process over from scratch.
    • Click the button or press the R or C keys on your keyboard to use.
  • The Undo button backtracks one step/click in the tracing process.
    • Click the button of press the Z key on your keyboard to use.
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