How to Order a Scan Body

The video and instructions in this article review the steps for ordering a scan body.

Instructions for Ordering a Scan Body

  1. Navigate to the “Implant Readiness” page under the Supplies tab in your portal.
  2. Enter your patient’s information. 
  3. Choose whether this case is a single-unit restoration or a bridge. 
  4. Then you will select the sites where you will be restoring. 
  5. Afterward, you will enter your patient’s implant manufacturer, system, and platform size. 
  6. Now you will tell us if you prefer authentic or generic parts. You can also let our lab technicians decide based on the case by choosing “Lab choice”
  7. After this, you will upload the surgical report from your computer or through your phone’s camera utilizing the QR code on the screen. 
  8. Using the information you provided me automatically match the implant system to the compatible scan body. Add this to your cart.
  9. Proceed with finishing your order by entering the appointment date, the doctor request, and the delivery address.
  10. We will ship the scan body to your practice in time for your scanning appointment!

Please allow 1 week for delivery of your scan body after placing your order.

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