Setting Up Clinical Preferences in the Dandy Portal

This guide provides instructions for setting up Clinical Preferences in your Dandy Portal. It will also walk you through the four main preferences for single unit crown cases.

  • Note: It's essential for each dentist in a multi-dentist practice to set these preferences individually to ensure accurate lab ordering.

Understanding Clinical Preferences

Dandy’s portal offers 10 main clinical preferences to set initially as your default for cases. Pay close attention to these preferences during your first 3 to 4 orders to ensure they meet your needs.

  • Note: If not set manually, preferences will default to Dandy's standard settings.

Below, we will walk you through setting your clinical preferences for single unit crowns. 

Step 1 - Access the Dandy Portal

Step 2 - Navigate to Preferences

  • Once you log in, select 'Account' by clicking the gear in the top right corner of the screen and click 'Clinical preferences.'

  • Once on the 'Clinical Preferences' screen, click on 'Crown & Bridge.'

Step 3 - Select Main Preferences for Single Unit Crowns

  1. Occlusal Tightness:
    • Options: Heavy, Medium, Light (default), No Contact.
      • Heavy: Prominent markings, may require refinement.
      • Medium: Even markings across cusps, slight adjustments needed.
      • Light: Light pinpoint markings, minimal or no adjustment.
      • No Contact: No markings, checked with articulating paper.
  2. Proximal Contact:
    • Options: Tight, Medium (default), Light.
      • Tight: Will not seat without adjustments.
      • Medium: Drop-in fit, minor adjustment/polishing.
      • Light: Easy floss passage, good for patients with light contacts.
  3. Staining:
    • Options: Dark, Medium, Light (default).
    • Dark: Staining extends to primary and secondary grooves.
    • Medium/Light: Staining limited to primary grooves.
  4. Restoration Anatomy:
    • Options: Create Ideal/New Anatomy, Follow Adjacent Teeth (default).
    • Follow Adjacent Teeth: Matches anatomy of neighboring teeth.
    • Create Ideal/New Anatomy: For preferable anatomy if existing teeth are unsatisfactory.

Reviewing and adjusting these preferences for each case submission is crucial to deliver superior and predictable restorations. If you're unsure about setting these preferences, you will be prompted for each case when you submit your orders.

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