How to Set Up My Account in the Dandy Portal

The video and instructions in this article review the steps for setting up your Account within the Dandy Portal. You can access your Dandy Portal from any web browser on any computer by navigating to the URL

Instructions for Setting Up Your Account:

  1. Ensure you've read and received the email from Dandy titled Welcome to Dandy! Here's How to Get Started! and clicked Setup Your Dandy Portal. Follow the instructions provided for creating your Account.
  2. Ensure your contact information is correct by selecting Account > My Profile.
  3. Navigate to the Notifications section and select how you would like Dandy to notify you.
  4. Navigate to Clinical Preferences to set your Clinical Preferences for your orders. Details related to how Dandy defines each of the preferences is available in this linked article.

If you have multiple dentists at your practice, each dentist needs to complete steps #3 and #4 above for accurate lab ordering.

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Want to know how Dandy defines each Clinical Preference?

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