Chairside Surgical Guide Case Workflow

The following workflow is applicable to patients who require a surgical guide for treatment.

The outline below is a step-by-step appointment guide for our surgical guide workflow. Please ensure you are also practicing our implant scanning best practices.

Case Setup

Choose the “Implant Solutions” option when you go to set up your case.

  • Please select “Surgical Guide.”

You will then be prompted to select the teeth (sites) where you would like the implants to be placed.


Then we will specify whether the appliance will be a "tissue-supported" or "tooth-supported" surgical guide.


Patient intra-oral scanning is for tooth-supported guides only.

Follow the normal scanning protocol.

  • Please scan both full arches for completion.
  • Scanning just the quadrants is highly discouraged.

Implant and Other Case Details

Add case details to the order form:

  • Implant manufacturer
  • The drill kit being used to place the implant
  • Diameter and general implant lengths you would like to use
  • Any other pertinent information we should know about
  • Additional photos (smile, etc.) are welcome but not required.


CBCT Scans

The Dandy team will reach out to you for CBCT scans.

  • This is a requirement in order for Dandy to process an accurate surgical guide and implant planning case.
  • Once this order is submitted, please go to the order page and click "attach" to submit the CBCT.
  • Should you wish to send these scans proactively, they can be uploaded to the portal or emailed to



Treatment Planning

The Dandy Treatment Planning team will reach out to schedule a video call to review the plan with you prior to surgical guide fabrication. 


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